MD WGM/WGP Special Project

Fidos for Freedom

Fidos for Freedom logo

Fidos for Freedom, based in Laurel, Maryland, has been chosen as this year's Special Project by our WGM and WGP. We will have dedicated fundraisers and will accept donations specifically for this wonderful organization.

From their website:


It is the vision of this organization to increase the quality of life and provide companionship to the residents of our local community through specially trained service dogs, hearing dogs, and therapy dogs.


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for people in the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan community by providing specially trained hearing dogs, service dogs, combat-related PTSD dogs, and therapy dogs. Fidos also educates the public about individuals with disabilities and about the benefits of assistance dogs and therapy dogs and the work that these specially trained dogs do for individuals with disabilities, children with reading difficulties, and patients in health care facilities.

Visit the Fidos for Freedom Website