Our History

  • December 7, 1898GGC Recognizes Petition

    On December 7, 1898, in response to a petition from Alpha No. 1, Maryland No. 2, Baltimore No. 4, Pentalpha (of Savage) No. 6, Ruth No. 7, and Mizpah No. 9, who desired to form a Grand Chapter for the State of Maryland, the Most Worthy Grand Matron of the General Grand Chapter deputized Brother L. Cabell Williamson, Right Worthy Associate Grand Patron and Past Grand Patron of the District of Columbia, for the purpose of organizing a Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star for the State of Maryland.

  • December 23, 1898Meeting and Institution

    Brother Williamson called a meeting for the petitioning chapters for 10:00 a.m. on December 23, 1898, at Heptasophs' Hall, comer of Cathedral and Preston Streets, Baltimore, Maryland The petitioning chapters plus Concordia No. 5 attended. The call for the convention was read and Sister Maggie E. Pearson of Concordia No. 5 was made temporary secretary, after which a Committee on Credentials was appointed.

Total representatives were as follows:

  • Alpha #1: 9
  • Maryland #2: 10
  • Baltimore #4: 8
  • Concordia #5: 4
  • Pentalpha #6: 3
  • Ruth #7: 5
  • Mizpah #9: 1

A vote was taken as to whether a majority favored the formation of a Grand Chapter in Maryland. Six chapters voted for a Grand Chapter. Concordia No. 5 opposed it and Queen Esther No. 3 and Monumental No. 8 were not present. As a result of this vote, the special deputy announced that they would proceed with the formation of a Grand Chapter in Maryland. Three of the four representatives of Concordia No. 5 asked to be excused as they did not wish to take part in the formation of a Grand Chapter, and there was no objection.

A Constitution and By-Laws Committee was appointed consisting of one member from each of the petitioning chapters. The Commiteee report was presented, accepted and made a special order of business at the evening session.

The portion pertaining to election was adopted immediately and the first officers elected included the following:

Worthy Grand Matron Margaret Megenhardt, #2
Worthy Grand Patron William T. Lechlider, #4
Associate Grand Matron Anna D. Stoffel, #1
Associate Grand Patron Harry B. Major, #7
Grand Secretary Robert M. Coombs, #2
Grand Treasurer Margaret Kunz, # 1
Grand Conductress Maggie E. Schaefer, #4
Assoc Grand Conductress Sophia V. Rose, #4
Grand Chaplain W. Nash Young, #9
Grand Marshal B. Fearhake, #9
Grand Organist Mollie Burke, #8
Grand Adah Malissa B. Evans, #5
Grand Ruth Flora Morang, #6
Grand Esther Mary A H. Cadden, #2
Grand Martha Mary A Collins, # 1
Grand Electa Victoria V. Major, #7
Grand Warder Ella Ridenouer, #3
Grand Sentinel Charles B. Rose, #4
  • December 23, 1898 (Evening)First Grand Chapter Installation

    The Grand Officers were installed by the Special Deputy at the evening session on December 23, 1898. The first communication received was from the Most Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Hattie E. Ewing, congratulating the Grand Chapter of Maryland upon its organization. The Special Deputy, Brother Williamson was made our first Honorary Member. The Constitution and By-Laws required two meetings annually. The original expenses of this Grand Chapter were to be paid from a loan of $100. 00 each from The Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron, they are to be reimbursed in the future by the Grand Chapter; this they offered to do. The Grand Chapter of Maryland was then proclaimed duly instituted.
  • January 25, 1899First Semi-Annual Grand Session

    The first Grand Session was held at Heptasoph's Hall in Baltimore. The Grand Treasurer reported "no funds" . The WGM and WGP each loaned the Grand Chapter $100.00 to get started. The Grand Secretary reported there were 9 chapters and 633 members.

Our First Worthy Grand Matron

Margaret Megenhardt, Maryland Chapter#2

Our First Worthy Grand Patron

William Lechlider, Baltimore Chapter #4

There's More to Come...

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