The Maryland Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star has a scholarship opportunity through ESTARL.

ESTARL (Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership) is a scholarship program for those who are going to school for the purpose of religious training.

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ESTARL Information and Application

Awards are made to students preparing for leadership in various fields of religious service including Ministers, Missionaries, Directors of Church Music, and Directors of Religious Education or Youth.

Awards may vary in amount and will be determined by the ESTARL Committee on the basis of funds available, number of applicants, and ability and need of the individual.

Awards are outright gifts and are made for one year. Consideration may be given for future awards on the basis of eligibility and availability.

Award winners are notified by letter. A check in the amount of the award is sent to the school for the use of the student. The money is issued primarily for tuition, but may be used for other educational expenses such as room and board.

  • Be a resident of Maryland or a Maryland High School graduate.
  • Be enrolled (or accepted for enrollment) in an institution of higher education that has an accredited program in the particular field of religious service. Applicants do not need to be full-time students but priority will be given to those students who plan to enter full-time religious service.

Applicants will be judged on their scholarship, character, leadership qualities, and financial need.

Applicants do not need to have a Masonic or Eastern Star affiliation.

Eligibility will be determined by the ESTARL Committee and all decisions are final.

Applications are due by March 15. Decisions are made in April and checks are mailed to the school over the summer.
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